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Create an Export Service account

Follow our steps to create your account and access the Export Service.

Link a business

Find out how to link a business to your Export Service account.

Invite someone to act on behalf of a business

Add people who need to access information and perform tasks for your business.

Accept an invite to act on behalf of a business

Accept an invite to use the Export Service if you are an employee or third party.

How is an Export Service account different from management and control?

Learn how an Export Service account differs from management and control.

Can’t create an account

Troubleshoot why you can’t create an account and fix common problems.

Relationship Authorisation Manager

What is Relationship Authorisation Manager?

Find out more about RAM and how it relates to the Export Service.

Why do we use Relationship Authorisation Manager?

Information on why we use RAM to confirm someone can act for a business.

Troubleshoot Relationship Authorisation Manager issues

Fix problems related to using RAM for the Export Service.

Roles and access levels

Roles and access levels in the Export Service

Each role has varying access levels to ensure the right people can act for a business.

Principal Authority (Owner) role and access

'Principal Authority (Owner)' is the Export Service role with the highest level of access.

Manager role and access

Find out how to be assigned as a ‘Manager’ and what access level this role has.

User role and access

What you can do for a business if you are assigned a ‘User’ role in the Export Service.

Agent role and access

An 'Agent' is a third party who has a basic level of access to the Export Service.

Can I use the Export Service as an individual?

Learn more about using the Export Service to export if you don’t have a business.