About the Export Service

We're building a digital service to help Australian export businesses manage their information and interactions with us.

Services you can use now

We're building and releasing the service in stages. At the moment the service is available to registered establishments. It isn't yet open to live animal and non-prescribed goods exporters.

You can create an account to:

  • register an establishment
  • get approval on a proposed arrangement
  • update establishment details
  • vary or revoke your establishment's registration
  • revoke your establishment's registration and nominate a new occupier
  • view audit reports and corrective action requests (CARs).

Using the Export Service in the future

We'll keep adding to the service, adding features and opening it up to more businesses. You'll be able to do things like:

  • choose to have us tell you when there's an export opportunity
  • book phone calls with us
  • manage your audit appointments.

How to get started

Learn how to access the Export Service, using your myGovID and relationship authorisation manager.

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