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Access audit reports for a plant registered establishment in your account.

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When we complete an audit on your plant registered establishment, we will email you an audit report. An audit report includes a summary and outcome of the audit.

You can access audit reports at any time using the Export Service. You can do this if you:

  • can access your registered establishment in your Export Service account, and
  • are authorised to manage compliance for your registered establishment.

In the future, you can access audit reports for other types of registered establishments.

Audit reports

Your audit report includes the:

  • audit details. For example, audit date(s) and time(s), auditor and auditee names
  • description of functions or operations audited
  • overall audit outcome
  • the date we'll review any actions you have taken to meet compliance
  • audit summary and findings. Such as, the audit’s criteria, scope or auditor’s summary notes.

To view an audit report:

  1. Sign in to your Export Service account.
  2. On your My account page and under 'Your linked businesses', select the business the registered establishment is part of.
  3. In the side menu, select ‘Compliance’.
  4. Under ‘Registered establishments’, select the establishment name.
  5. Find the relevant audit.
  6. Under the ‘Actions’ column, select ‘View’ to open the audit report.

Non-compliance notices

You can also access non-compliance notices in your account. For more information, go to View non-compliance notices.

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