Establishment registrations

You can apply online to register an export establishment and have a proposed arrangement approved.

You can use the Export Service to apply to:

  • register an export establishment
  • have a proposed arrangement approved
  • revoke your establishment's registration and approved arrangement
  • nominate a new occupier for the establishment.

In addition, you can change your establishment's registration. You can apply to:

  • update your contact details
  • add or remove staff on your management and control list
  • manage your registered export operations – this includes adding or removing a commodity, product or operation
  • make other types of variation to your registrations or approved arrangements.

To carry out any of these actions, sign in to the Export Service and select the 'Establishments' tab.

You no longer need to submit the following PDF forms:

  • EX26a (to register an establishment and/or have a proposed arrangement approved)
  • EX26b (to vary your registration and/or approved arrangement)
  • EX26c (to revoke your registration or revoke an occupier and add a new occupier).

If you deal with plants or plant products:

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