Can I use the Export Service to manage compliance?

Which types of registered establishments can use the Export Service, now and in the future.

  • Compliance
  • Account
  • Establishment

You can use the Export Service to manage compliance for plant registered establishments. These registered establishments deal with plants and/or plant products for export. You can use the service to manage compliance if you:

  • can access your registered establishment in your Export Service account, and
  • are authorised to manage compliance for your registered establishment.

In your account, you can:

We’ll add more digital features in the future that will allow you to manage your regulatory compliance in the Export Service.

They are part of a wider transformation of Australia's agricultural export services. For more information, go to Who we are.

In the future

You will be able to access audit reports and non-compliance notices for other types of registered establishments.

You will also be able to manage compliance in your account for establishments that handle other export commodities and goods.

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