Create an Export Service account

Create an account for a business to use the Export Service.

You can create an account and link a business if you are listed in Relationship Authorisation Manager, opens in a new tab as a:

You can log in to RAM, opens in a new tab to check how you are listed.

Follow the steps to get started with an account and use our Services. You will need a Digital Identity and myGovID. myGovID is a form of Digital Identity.

Get started

1. Continue with Digital Identity

Continue with Digital Identity

Digital Identity, opens in a new tab is a safe, secure and convenient way to prove and reuse your identity online.

2. Confirm your email

3. Link a business

After your account is set up, you can Invite someone to act on behalf of your business. This includes employees and third parties.

Individuals and the Export Service

For now, the Export Service is not available to individuals. This will change in the future. Go to Can I use the Export Service as an individual? for more information.

Need help?

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